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The Countryside Agency __________ the process of designating the South Downs as a National Park in April last year.

We believe that __________ a National Park is the best way to protect the Downs, build on the achievements of the past and __________ and enhance the area in its widest sense for future __________. The Downs are under huge and increasing pressure. The South East is one of the busiest and most pressurised regions __________ Europe. This means there is increasing __________ for the development of new homes, roads and industry. There are also more people living and working in the region, which means more need for people to be able to access beautiful and peaceful countryside to get __________ from it all. The Downs already receives __________ 35 million visits a year: this number is likely to increase as more and more people live and work in the area.
Designation will bring a body with new __________ and resources specifically focused on conservation and visitor management, working with others __________ the whole of the Park to encourage co-ordination and joint action, and taking action itself where needed. It will be able to __________ the increasing number of visitors so that the Downs themselves are not __________, but are still a resource everyone can __________. It will also be best placed to protect and enhance the Downs, so that the qualities so many people love in this special area remain for future generations.
We have two __________: to identify a boundary for the proposed National Park and to __________ advice to the Government on the arrangements needed for a South Downs National Park Authority.
The Agency is launching a widespread public consultation in November 2001 which will __________ for three months and give all interested organisations and individuals the __________ to comment in detail on our initial proposals for the boundary and the administrative options for the National Park Authority. If you would like to receive a copy of the consultation document __________ it is published then please contact us using the feedback form.