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Vocab Exercises

English is a Germanic language derived from languages of Northern Europe (Earth Angles, Saxons and the Frisians) and whose vocabulary has been enriched by the contribution of the Normans. It is the native language of the inhabitants of the United Kingdom and its former colonies, including the United States, South Africa, the Ireland, the Canada, the Australia and the New Zealand. English account 360 million speakers as mother tongue and more than 508 million as a second language, in more than 61 States and 53 countries which makes it the world’s third or fourth language (after mandarin Chinese and hindi, and sometimes Spanish according to) estimates). That’s the language the more learned and studied around the world, and it unquestionably has the status of international language of communication. It is also the most used language on the internet, and she is one of the six official languages and one of the two working languages – with the french – of the United Nations (UN).

Basic English vocabulary

In this section is grouped to know basic vocabulary.

Irregular verbs (sorted by group)

The colors in English

Emoticons / smileys Facebook



The days of the week, the months of the year and the seasons in English

The numbers and figures in English

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