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Grammar Exercises

Grammar encompasses many lessons to study but above all put into practice:

  • Punctuation,
  • Personal pronouns,
  • Use of time,
  • Adjectives,
  • Modal,.
  • Superlatives,
  • Possessives,
  • etc.

Once you have read and understood the lesson, please check that it is actually acquired. The English grammar exercises are a great way to realize his level of English.

There are so many different kinds:

  • Complete texts with holes : it comes then to find the right answer between different choice or to conjugate a verb based on personal pronoun.
  • Translate a text : the french to English and vice versa, translation allows to also expand his vocabulary.
  • Audio transcript : write sentences that we hear on a CD allows you to tame the English accent.

All types of exercises are good to take to move forward.

They realize the gaps that students still have to rework some points.

English exercises are more often in books and manuals of grammar which you can find in the store or library. You can also easily find on websites to learn English online for free.

For real progress, it is necessary to perform these exercises regularly.

Use a pencil so you can erase your answers and repeat the exercise as many times as you want.

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